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Volunteering for CASA is makes a difference in the life of children who are put into the system through no fault of their own due to neglect, abandonment and/or abuse. We hope that you will consider volunteering to help make a difference.

Anyone with a commitment to protecting the interests of children may apply for consideration as a CASA Volunteer. No special educational background is required but a volunteer must have the maturity to deal with complex emotional situations. S/he must possess sound decision-making skills and be able to remain objective and nonjudgmental. S/he must have a good rapport with children, have good communication skills, and have a sincere interest in the welfare of children. Each applicant is screened and fingerprinted for the safety of the children. 

If, after reading this material, you believe you would like to be considered for this program, please complete the application below and call the office to set an appointment to bring your application in. 

It is expected that volunteers commit to the program for at least one year. Mandatory Pre-Service training is provided to prospective volunteers. In-service training on relevant topics is also arranged on an ongoing basis (with 12 hours mandatory per year). In addition, the CASA Supervisor provides continuous assistance, advice, and guidance for volunteers. CASA volunteers are not compensated for their time; however, our office is always open to our volunteers to help assist with any needs they may have.  

This program is an excellent opportunity for individuals in the community to become meaningfully involved in helping children. If you think you may have the appropriate skills and the time to commit to this program, please submit your application for consideration.

Idaho's Children

Thousands of children in Idaho suffer physical, sexual and emotional abuse or severe neglect because the adults responsible for them don't provide adequate protection or care. These children are often removed from their parents care and place under the protective custody of the State as wards of the Court. 

Who Speaks for the Child

A CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) is a specially trained volunteer from the community who is appointed by the Court to represent the best interests of the child in court. The CASA helps insure that the child's right to a safe, permanent home is acted upon in a sensitive and expedient manner and that progress is being made to achieve permanency for the child.

What does a CASA do?

CASA acts as the "eyes and the ears of the Court.” Appointed by the judge, the CASA does his/her own independent investigation of the facts of the case and reports the facts, along with his/her recommendations, to the Court. The CASA stands as the representative for the child during all Court proceedings. After the disposition of the case, the CASA monitors the case as long as the child is under the jurisdiction of the Court, always making sure that the child's needs are being met in a reasonable and timely fashion.

How does a CASA differ from a Social Service Case Manager?

Social workers are employed by the State Government. Their case loads are often so great that it is very difficult for them to always find the time to adequately investigate and follow up each case. The CASA has more time to devote to each case and has a much smaller caseload. The CASA does not replace the Social Worker on the case. S/he is an independent appointee of the Court, there to facilitate and enhance the whole Court procedure.

Who can be a CASA?

Anyone with a commitment to protecting the interests of children may apply for consideration as a CASA Volunteer.  A volunteer must be at least 21 years of age and able to pass an FBI, Local and State background check. 

Volunteer Application

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Advocate Application (pdf)